your wild is your beauty and your forbidden is your power


It is very important to be a priestess. I met a giant redwood tree in the forest. At first I thought there was a priestess inside it but then I understood it was the Goddess. It was Isis: “the goddess of ten thousand names.”

She was standing in her Greek representation. She had stars on her head. She was holding an ankh shaped sistrum. She told me “your wild is your beauty and your forbidden is your power.” She downloaded me with all kinds of information about what it means to be a priestess. The priestess is the bridge between the human and the Goddess just as the trees are the bridge between the stars and the earth. The humans need the love of the Goddess. They need to feel this love, this incredible holding that the goddess offers them. They need to know that love in order to blossom, to flower, to be who they are. The priestesses hold this node so that other humans can hold their own particular node. All need to hold their proper nodes to have it all work. Everyone has a place, everything has a function, their own little node to hold. We must stand in our places.

To hold the love of the Goddess and channel that for other humans is a big power. It requires holding all the suffering with compassion as well. All the suffering needs to be given back through the priestesses to the Mother who can hold it. The Goddess wants to hold the tears of her children. She wants to comfort them. She wants to wrap her arms around them and embrace them with something bigger. She holds the bigger picture. She is the larger story.

The love I felt from that tree, I don’t know that I have ever felt before. This is a love in which one can anchor themself. This is a trust so big, one can relax into it.

This is a love that needs to be channeled through the bodies of her priestesses into this world. This is the love everyone is looking for. Priestesses can open the gates to this love for the good of all beings. There is nothing more and nothing less to the call of the priestess. The wild and forbidden female is the node.

~ Theresa C. Dintino





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