*a time for checking in with the otherworld
*a time for deep listening
*a time for diagnosis
*a time for prescription

a time for checking in with the otherworld

Divination is a time to bring to light energies that are unseen to us that are nevertheless pushing against and affecting our present 3D reality.

In the village in Africa where the divination tradition I practice is from, people would not think of making a big decision or undergoing a large change without checking in with the ancestors and spirits in the other dimensions through divination. It is similar to the way we would consult our calendars, friends and family before setting a big date.

It is wise to see if questions we are holding or decisions we are making have the “high 5” from the beings in the otherworld.

Since most of us in this culture did not grow up within this context, the divination process here often begins with finding out who our allies are in the otherworld and healing ancestral wounding.

As you continue to come for repeated divinations, a landscape is unearthed. This landscape becomes more active and stories begin to unfold—a context is created for deep and ongoing spiritual work.

a time for deep listening

As a diviner, it is my job to listen. I listen to what the wedeme (elemental beings of the wild), ancestors and other elemental forces and spirit entities have to say to you. With your collaboration and questions, the listening process is more deeply entered into.

At first, some things may not make sense. But with time, clarity comes. That is why it is so important to remain in a place of deep listening.

a time for diagnosis

We may be shown hidden reasons for recurring problems in your life. This is the diagnosis aspect of divination.

We are shown things that need cleaning up in your body, life patterns, emotional habits or lineages.  Together we work to deepen the questions to get to the root issue and root cause.

a time for prescription

Prescriptions are given for healing. It is important to ask who, what and where. Who can help? What offerings or actions are needed for them to help? Where is this offering or healing ritual taking place? How many times? When?

Some issues are addressed in consecutive divinations if the problem is persistent and deeply ingrained.

Sometimes prescriptions are long and dealt with in depth, other times they are simple but potent. Sometimes we get a lot of detail, other times we are told we do not need the details. We continue to listen. Healing begins at the time of the divination.

Prescribed rituals carried out by you after the divination session lead you through a shamanic healing process that can be rich and rewarding.

~Theresa C. Dintino

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