Complete Comprehensive Stick Divination


2-3 hours long

Remote or in Person

  • In which we open the field wide to whatever wishes to come through as well as answering specific questions you have
  • These divinations go deep and cover many areas. Good for overall life questions, soul purpose, ancestor work, spiritual and psychological healing, and subjects you want to explore thoroughly


Once you have purchased your divination you will be able to schedule it. You will receive an email confirming your purchase with a note (check your spam folders) containing some explanatory information about the divination style. While I understand that sometimes things come up and people have to reschedule, please do not reschedule more than one time. It really messes up my calendar. Please notify me by email if you are rescheduling. There are no refunds.

You May Be Asking, “What the Heck is Stick Divination?”

Stick divination is just what it says it is: sitting on a low stool and divining with a literal stick from a tree in one’s hand. Most preferably the person receiving the divination is sitting across from the diviner also holding the stick at the same time but it works fine remotely over zoom as well.

The stick diviner has a “kit” with pieces in it, some of which the stick chooses. They are the entities, energies or elements that wish to speak in the divination. The ritual space for the divination is created through invocation with rattles and bells. This opens the portal which gives the diviner access to the spiritual or “otherworldly” dimensions to gain insight into and guidance on the issues at hand.


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