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The Black Madonna in Vichy, France

Recently in Vichy, France, I was delighted to discover a powerful Black Madonna. I drove from the medieval city of Carcassonne to Vichy, through a region called Aveyron, a region of volcanoes, gorges and hot springs. Black Madonnas are often located and worshiped near these kind of geological formations. The land there was potent and alive. As in Montserrat, the deep inner earth, the darkness, calls us to retreat to her for healing and quiet. The rich nutritive qualities these places offer both soul and body are palpable. I had brought Ean Begg’s book, The Cult of the Black Virgin, with me...

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A Visit to the Black Madonna at Montserrat

About thirty miles outside of Barcelona, Spain, there is a mountain shrine to the Black Madonna called Montserrat. I had the good fortune to visit this place in January of this year. Montserrat means “serrated mountains,” referring to the amazing rock formations there. I had read about this place and wanted to go for many reasons but mostly because there is a Black Madonna there.  Montserrat is currently a Catholic monastery held by a sect of Benedictine monks. Legend says that they found the Black Madonna in a cave in 880 A.D., after apparitions appeared in the sky that led them to her....

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