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Welcome to The Inner Journey Board—Travel the Nine Dimensions and their Corresponding Chakras

Two years ago while I was divining the wedeme (elemental beings of the wild) showed me a wooden board with nine small basins of liquid. I thought they were showing me a shrine they wanted me to make for them. But as I continued divining it became clear this was a new divination system that involved the connections between the nine dimensions of the World Tree and the seven chakras of the human and the Earth body. They wanted to teach me this new modality, which I call a “technology.” I enlisted two other women to help me who now also carry this new wedeme divination system. They are Sarah...

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The 9 Dimensions of The World Tree

Barbara Hand Clow is an author, astrologer, researcher and teacher who focuses much of her work on the implications of the Mayan Calendar and the Time of change we are currently undergoing as members of the Earth and galactic community. Through her Irish and indigenous “Turtle Island” grandparents, she was taught what she calls the true story of the Earth. The true story of the Earth includes a cataclysmic event that occurred on Earth in the Holocene era (9500 B.C.E.) disrupting all life systems of the planet and altering our sense of Time. This created a field of trauma Hand Clow names...

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