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Aligning Ourselves with the Paradigm of the Goddess

The Paradigm (worldview) of the Goddess is a way of life, a way of being, a reality different and other than the current mechanistic paradigm (life as machine) we live in and yet the one revealed more and more through biology, physics, biochemistry and cosmology. This reality has also been confirmed to me through divinations I have done in my time as an initiated diviner. When I first encountered The Paradigm of the Goddess in the books of Marija Gimbutas—wherein she catalogues the archaeological remains of Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures of powerful ancient women long forgotten, ancient...

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Treat Yourself to this Delicious New Book—Goddess: When She Rules

I want to let you all know about a new book release: Goddess: When She Rules – expressions by contemporary women I want to let you know about it, not only because I have a piece in it, but because I have been reading it and enjoying it and think you may as well. It is a beautiful collection of some 150 women’s poems and essays about who the Goddess is to them and how she plays a role in their lives. The book is a myriad expression of female devotion to the Goddess which displays the multiple ways women interact with the Goddess and the varied roles and entryways she makes into their...

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