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The Nyame Dua of the Akan and Nyur Shrines of the Dagara

The soul tree or Nyame Dua of the ancient Akan of Ghana was a sacred tree that served as the village shrine connecting the community to the Goddess Nyame through the ancient ancestresses of the clan. The ancestresses were worshiped and fed at this shrine and served as intermediaries between the clan and Nyame, the genetrix Goddess of the original fire. This shrine was tended to by the Queenmother as this tribe was matriarchal. The Queenmother was the one who facilitated the relationship between the ancestral realm and the living by making offerings to the tree shrine and carrying out her...

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The Soul Trees of the Ancient Akan

The ancient Akan tribe was matriarchal, ruled by a Queenmother. Incoming incursions of people with views different from their own forced the Queenmother to move her people to maintain their sovereignty. The Queenmother used divination to locate the right location. In establishing the new territory for her state, the Queenmother planted a soul tree or fire tree at a crossroads in front of her new home under which was often buried the body of a female. At other times gold or other precious objects were buried instead of a body. “This grave under the city’s soul tree became a highly venerated...

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The Ancient Matriarchal Akan People

The ancient Akan were a matriarchal culture ruled by a Queenmother. In this cosmology, the Queenmother earns her title by birthing daughter “goddesses,” the Abosom, through the power of the moon. They in turn function as leaders of the culture. The Queenmother conceives these daughters through the kra of the Goddess Nyame.  According to the Akan, the kra is the lifeforce or enlivening spirit. We each have a kra. They are sparks of the original fire Goddess, Nyame. They are our souls. Once she has birthed these goddesses, The Queenmother becomes the elder and rules through her daughters....

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