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Now Available!! Membranes of Hope: A Guide to Attending to the Spiritual Boundaries that Keep Lifesystems Healthy from the Personal to the Cosmic

My newest book, Membranes of Hope, is now available on Amazon or personally from me through this site. If you would like to order the book though me personally, purchase it here. Membranes of Hope explains the basic concept of the membranes, the bioenergetic boundaries that contain, inform and protect lifesystems, and instructs and guides the reader in how they may contribute to their care. The book includes rituals to carry out  for each fractal layer of the membrane: personal, family, village, earth and cosmic and offers shrines to build to further participate in this work. Also included...

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September 2018 Radio Interview with Theresa C. Dintino about Divination, Spiritual Lineages and Working with Elemental Beings

Recently I was interviewed again on the Mystical Positivist Radio Show hosted By Dr. Robert Schmidt and Stuart Goodnick  on KOWS-LP 107.3 FM in Occidental, CA. This is the second time I was invited to be a guest on this lively and engaging show. This time we touched a bit on current events, new projects and then delved even more deeply into the subject of divination and how ones becomes a diviner, the elemental beings and how they work with us, spiritual lineages and how to find them and realign with them. Once again the interview itself offered me much reflection and time for thought as the...

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Toward a Culture of Healthy Elders and Effective Mentors

Many lament the lack of initiated people in modern western culture. We often do not have rituals that honor passage into man and womanhood, motherhood, fatherhood, elderhood, livelihood, life’s work, and more. Also, because many medicine lineages were lost or abandoned when our ancestors immigrated to North America and wished to assimilate, there are many lineage holders of a large variety of spiritual traditions who remain uninitiated. These people often find themselves holding gifts they do not know how to work with or offer to others. The belief is that if we had more initiation rites,...

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