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A Recording for and about the Trees

In September of 2016 I gave a talk at Many Rivers Books and Teas in Sebastopol, CA on my Tree Medicine Trilogy of books. The recording of that event has been made available only recently. I thought I would share it here for anyone that may be interested in listening. In the talk I discuss working with trees on a spiritual level, what I mean when I speak of Tree Medicine, read from the books, Teachings from the Trees, The Amazon Pattern and Notes from a Diviner in the Post Modern World and answer questions from the audience. It was a good night and the discussion was fun and lively. Here’s...

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New Book Release—Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones

I am happy to announce the release of the third book in my Tree Medicine Trilogy Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones You may buy the book from me personally here, or from Amazon, here. My experiences with the trees are truly beyond description, though I make my best effort for them here. People often ask me how I hear them, how they talk to me. They speak to me in so many different ways. Some show me images and stories (the Moon Tree), some talk in prose and have poetry to give (the Grandmother Oak), some have requests and teachings to pass on (the Yarrow...

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