The Inner Journey Board—Travel the Nine Dimensions and their Corresponding Chakras


Inner Journey BoardTwo years ago while I was divining, the wedeme (elemental beings of the wild) showed me a wooden board with nine small basins of liquid. I thought they were showing me a shrine they wanted me to make for them. But as I continued divining it became clear this was a new divination system that involved the connections between the nine dimensions of the World Tree and the seven chakras of the human and the Earth body.

They wanted to teach me this new modality, which I call a “technology.” I enlisted two other women to help me who now also carry this new wedeme divination system. They are Sarah Wieland and Susan Gray.

In The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions, Barbara Hand Clow, Mayan elder and Cherokee Record Keeper, writes that “Earth is a realm that holds nine dimensions of consciousness that all humans can access.” The nine dimensions exist along the axis of the World Tree, which is grounded in the center of the Earth. The World Tree is the cosmic creative force that creates Time and all the dimensional realms. Belief in the World Tree is a global phenomenon found in differing cultures by different names. In this model, the center of the Earth is the 1st dimension and the center of the galaxy is the 9th. To learn more about the nine dimensions click here.

The chakras are the energy centers that exist along the human spinal column that facilitate our connections between the physical world and the non-physical dimensions. According to many spiritual traditions these energy centers can influence our physical as well as emotional and mental well-being. These are seen as spinning vortices located in the etheric body of the human that we can work with to create health, vigor and wellness. The Earth has chakras as well as most other living beings.

The Inner Journey Board is not stick divination, which is the standard wedeme tradition, rather it is a board used together with the special healing waters and shell divination that focuses on the nine dimensions/seven chakras. The Inner Journey Board can be used to heal either humans or environments. The divination reveals which dimension and chakra needs healing in you, the petitioner or a particular ecosystem and then offers rituals to carry out this healing. Again this technology is for use on both the land and humans.

After divining together on the subject for over a year and learning the connections between the nine dimensions and the seven chakras, we were then instructed to travel to nine different locations to create nine separate healing waters. At each location we were directed to connect with a specific tree, its corresponding star, the entities and elemental beings of the place and given a particular ritual to carry out to create the healing water for the corresponding dimension/chakra.

The wedeme reminded us over and over again as we were learning this technology that it is also to be used for the Earth. It is evident in the divination work I have done that there is much healing needed on and for places we live on. Many of the problems in humans actually arise from the memory of unresolved trauma in the land that have attached themselves to the human.

This can take on many forms: Residual trauma from events that occurred on or to the Earth that were never resolved, beings that were never able to cross over and are stuck, or energy and thought forms caught in the land that need clearing.

The Inner Journey Board technology can offer relief and release to the ecosystem as well as humans as our bodies are so intricately connected. This can apply to land you live on, land you own, or wild land that you care about. The Inner Journey Board can be used remotely as well to heal land in a far away location

An Inner Journey Board session is $200 in-person, $200 for remote.

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Inner Journey Board Session In-Person
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