Teachings From the Trees


Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones

Tree Medicine Trilogy: Part 3

Print Book: 94 pages

The trees have much wisdom to share.

In Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones, Theresa C. Dintino offers guidance and instruction about how to work energetically with the trees. She gives detailed accounts of what the trees have taught her and relates the story of her relationship to specific trees.


In this book you will learn how to–

*Locate and communicate with trees who will become your allies.

*Build healing space for your community.

*Release trapped or stuck spirits who were unable to properly cross into the ancestral realm.

*Clean up locations on the land from infractions and trauma.

*Interact with guardians and groves.

*Steward the land and community you serve by becoming embedded in your local root system and developing a network of healing energy.

You will also meet some of Theresa’s personal tree guides including

The Moon Tree, The Dragon Tree and The Grandmother Oak.

The history and legacy of the human relationship to trees is a long one. It’s time to reignite it for the benefit and care of Mother Earth.


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