July Online Class -The Village Membrane: Learning to care for the spiritual well-being of your community and ecosystem


with Theresa C. Dintino, author of Membranes of Hope

Thursday July 18th 6-8 pm (PT) OR Friday July 19th 10 am-12 pm (PT)

***Please note: Because many components of this class are experiential, you want to preregister and receive the preparatory information. Please register at least a day before. 

Come to this new online class to explore, understand and learn to care for the Village Membrane. Very simply the village is the place where you live and call home and the people and other lifeforms that you share this space with. This space has a membrane that holds you all in a gentle container. That container is the membrane. And that membrane needs support and care.

In this class you will:

  • Identify who or what is your village, or your villages and communities, and how to care for them

  • Learn to be local to place

  • Become intimate with your ecosystem and the spiritual forces there

  • Learn how to listen to and care for the membrane and soul of your village



This 2 hour class includes three experiential segments. Once you sign up and pay, please watch your email (including junk and spam) for emails from ritualgoddess.com as Theresa will be sending you a worksheet, instructions and information you will need for the class. If you do not receive these emails, please reach out to theresa@ritualgoddess.com

For a deeper and more coherent experience, it is recommended for participants to purchase the book, Membranes of Hope. It is discounted here, available for order through bookstores and in print and  ebook format on Amazon.com. If you are local to the Sebastopol area, it is available at Many Rivers Books and Tea.

Membranes of Hope

The membrane is the bioenergetic container, boundary, barrier, skin, that protects what is inside from that which is outside. The membrane is permeable, with an intelligence and discernment to decide what gets in and what stays out. The membrane acts as a filter, shield and gatekeeper for what is within the membrane. All lifesystems have membranes from the simple cell to the multicellular, to the complex lifesystems we humans are embedded within. Lifesystems held within membranes are nested within other life systems and connected to other membranes as networks . Membranes exist at all these levels and interact communicate and remain in relationship to teach other and the whole.

The Village Membrane

Here in the west we may use the word community in place of village. A sense of community is longed for by many. Many want to create community but do we know that community is a container that needs nurturing, care and protection? If we are willing to tend to our communities in this way, perhaps it would be easier for us to experience community. We all belong to and inhabit many varieties of community. Whatever level of community you are actively engaged in, they all need tending to. Community is not passive. It is active. Community can arise organically but once it does, its membrane and interiority still need care and subtle tending.

We can support our communities by tending to the village membrane.

The village membrane is held by the trees and other big elements in the system, including mountains, waterways and other important features on the local landscape. Caring for the village membrane means collaborating with and being in close relationship with these components of our ecosystem. The village or community also has an interiority or soul which we will learn to  locate and listen to.

While public works takes care of the water, energy, and organization a village needs to operate, the medicine person tends to the soul of the village and its corresponding bio-energetic membrane. Keeping it strong keeps the village protected.

Want to learn more about the concept of the Membranes? Below are links to several informational posts.

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Future classes will focus on the earth and cosmic membranes.

The membrane is a fractal reality of the container—contained space. When everything is in balance and healthy, we are held within countless containers of safety, we are held with layer upon layer of membranes that are permeable, yet protective.

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