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The Amazon Tree

This post is a chapter from a forthcoming book I am writing, Women Diviners of Trees and Time: Messages from Ancient Amazon Priestesses For a number of years, I was in a women’s spiritual group who met to do Earth based rituals in Northern California once a month. For reasons that were not completely clear to any of us, we called ourselves The Cosmic Boatwomen. One day we set out to find and interact with a particular tree. We had been told through a divination that this tree wished to gift us with a song. The prescription was to make hats, find this tree and listen for the song. The...

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The Role of the Priestess

your wild is your beauty and your forbidden is your power   It is very important to be a priestess. I met a giant redwood tree in the forest. At first I thought there was a priestess inside it but then I understood it was the Goddess. It was Isis: “the goddess of ten thousand names.” She was standing in her Greek representation. She had stars on her head. She was holding an ankh shaped sistrum. She told me “your wild is your beauty and your forbidden is your power.” She downloaded me with all kinds of information about what it means to be a priestess. The priestess is the bridge between...

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