Above: What is coming toward you from the star realms. A message from your stellar guides.

Outer: A message about your 3D life, everyday life in the material realm. Work, intimate relationships, money, living situations, friends and family, health, acquisitions, career goals, dreams.

Inner: A message from or about your deep inner self.



Draw a crescent moon image onto a sheet of paper, and then choose an Oscan Oracle card for each position, beginning with Inner, then Above, then Outer.

Work on all three at the same time, noticing the interaction and interconnectedness of these three parts of yourself and what is being said about them. Take at least one week to cycle through them: inner, above, outer and allow the energy to flow unobstructed between them. Take time to reflect and meditate on them, do the rituals and allow more information to come from your guides and deep soul.

This spread is designed to help you become less compartmentalized and more connected to your guides, your deep inner self and to more fully integrate the above and inner into your daily life.

The Oscan Oracle Tripartite Spread allows these three parts of yourself to connect with each other and have an organic and healthy flow of communication and interaction.

Often, due to stress and the speed at which we are all moving, we tend to compartmentalize and separate to more efficiently move through our lives. But sometimes the disconnect becomes fixed and lasting, which is damaging and unhealthy. We may find ourself longing for connection to spirit and inner self as those often are what get put off so we can get through the day. If we find a way to have our three “selves” interacting and communicating in a healthy flow, it makes all parts of our life easier.

The Oscan Oracle Card Spreads

Once you acquire the Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon, you can begin to carry out these “spreads” to deepen your work with the material. The first spread, the New Moon-Full Moon spread is explained in a previous post. You can read it at the link here.

The second spread: The Oscan Oracle Soul Purpose Spread is found here. Rauri and I will continue to offer a variety of spreads as we receive them from our guides. All the spreads will be kept on the Oscan Oracle page here on ritualgoddess.com for easy access when you want to refer back to them. To purchase the book and deck go here.

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