Once you acquire the Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon, you can begin to carry out these “spreads” to deepen your work with the material. The first spread, the New Moon-Full Moon spread is explained in a previous post. You can read it at the link here.

In this post we are offering The Oscan Oracle Soul Purpose Spread. Rauri and I will continue to offer a variety of spreads as we receive them from our guides. All the spreads will be kept on the Oscan Oracle page here on ritualgoddess.com for easy access when you want to refer back to them. To purchase the book and deck go here.

The Oscan Oracle Soul Purpose Spread

For this spread you will use your astrological moon sign. If you do not know your moon sign, you can go to astro.com to easily find out. The moon sign determines how we feel the world, how we experience it emotionally. It also connects us to our deep soul self. Once you discover what your moon sign is and what it means to have your moon in that sign, you are ready to begin The Oscan Oracle Soul Purpose Spread. 

This spread will work with the four minor phases of the lunar cycle. They are: the waxing crescent, waxing gibbous, waning crescent and waning gibbous. Moon phases can be found on the internet or in a lunar calendar available at bookstores. 

With the information about your astrological moon sign fresh in your mind,  asking to deepen your understanding of your soul purpose, draw a card/letter on one of the four minor phases of the moon listed above.

Take seven days to meditate on the information that letter brings and carry out the ritual offered with it. It is always recommended to journal, dance or draw about what comes through to get it fully into your body and consciousness. 

At the next minor phase, choose another card with the same intention and meditate on the information given while carrying out the ritual offered again for seven days and so on until you have worked your way through the four minor phases. 

Once you have completed the four minor phases of the lunar cycle, you will have deepened and enriched your understanding of your own personal soul purpose.

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The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon







With twenty-one Oracle cards. The Oscan Oracle is a tool for you to use to access information from your spiritual guides, higher self and ancestors. It heals while also instructs and informs about the ways of the Janarra and the Moon. The Oscan Oracle also contains twelve moon meditations and a ritual for each of the twenty-one letters of the Oracle deck.

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